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About me

Hi, I'm Joseff, the chap up there with the dignified moustache. I'm a magician living and working in London, UK.

I combine sleight of hand, performance and the tools of a harmless  con man (well mostly harmless) to enthral, enchant and entertain.

I believe that magic is inherently profound, so I take it seriously. I steer clear of tired humour and aim to leave my audiences with a lasting experience of astonishment. 

I perform at private parties, corporate events and weddings. My passion is for performing in intimate settings where I can create an atmosphere of real magic for my audiences.

I'm a Welsh speaker, a member of Equity and an Associate of the Inner Magic Circle (with Silver Star). I’ve also made appearances on live television and in 2018 recorded my first mini series, Hyd y Stryd, in Welsh, for S4C’s Hansh.

If you'd like to find out more about me and my performance, have a look at some of media on the site or better yet, come and see me live at one of the events listed under 'live shows'. I'd love to see you there.

Much love,